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Reboot your machine before you install software

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Development

Last week I got hit with an issue were after installing a very innocent SDK my machine decided it would no longer boot and I had to bring it up in safe mode.  Thankfully Microsoft has made it very easy to roll back installs with the “System Restore” option under Control Panel -> Recovery.  The interesting thing System Restore showed me was how many patches, critical fixes and other things were automatically installed inbetween my manual software installs.  99% of the time this is a great thing as many issues are fixed before I ever get a chance to notice them. 

But when installing software this can be a bit of an issue as it seems not all these installers play nice together.  Some installers detect the system update installer working and will properly shut down but most do not.  But even that is enough, if two installs want to update the same file that is currently in use they will both schedule a replace on reboot. In the case that your second install wants one that is older than the one from the first install but still newer than what is currently installed very bad things will happen.

Until all installers can detect that the files they want to update are scheduled for replace on reboot and not run the user have to be extra careful.  Easiest way to avoid the issues is to always reboot your machine before installing software.  This may never hit the average user but if you always re-boot before installing a program and right afterward you will avoid a lot of risk.

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Texas Hold’em Stats Tool is now in Alpha Testing

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Uncategorized

The Texas Hold’em Stats Tool was born out of one very simple need, a way to do the hand range and equity calculations while you are playing the hand in question instead of after the fact when it is to late.  I was tired of saving off hand histories, sitting down and running through the calculations only to figure out I played the hand wrong.  Wanted I really wanted was the info I needed to make better EV decisions almost instantly so I could use it while continuing to multi-table in an online poker session.

One takes the VP, Raise, 3-bet, 4-bet %’s that they get from their HUD display and putting that in as the % hand you instantly get a visual of the hands that would be in that range broken down by category.  This make it very easy to see how many of their hands your ahead, behind or coin flipping with.  Also give you a very clear picture of the kinds of flop you do or do not want to see.

Enter your hand and it tell you your % to win against their range so you can do EV calculations for all in situations.

Enter the flop cards and it tells you the percent of their range that hit the flop so you can determine your likely success rate with c-betting or re-stealing.

Texas Hold'em Stats Tool

If you would like to be part of the alpha testing and give feedback on how I can make it even more useful please click the image and sign up.  You will be emailed the software and instructions.

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